One person. Electronic body in an urban environment.

Project by Venelin Shurelov

Under the Program "Outside" of Sofia Municipality for support of temporary art installations in urban environment - site "Mausoleum", “Knyaz Al. Battenberg I”, Sofia, Bulgaria
One year exposure period: 01. 10. 2020 - 01. 10. 2021

The One Person project is a high-tech interactive installation located in an urban environment. The installation is a complex technological facility with strictly defined functions. Visually, the object is an anthropomorphic figure, built of a modular steel truss structure and double-sided LED displays. Dynamic content is fed to the screens, which is generated by a computer algorithm in two modes.

The first mode is associated with a signal received directly from two cameras located on both sides of the figure. At a certain interval of time, a repetitive short recording of the video surveillance is uploaded as a fragment on the screens, each of which has "caught" one or more passers-by. Thus, the large "screen body" will look composed of many other smaller figures. Every round the clock, video streaming is raised in "full format" for 10 minutes, allowing the viewer to apply his silhouette to the contour of the figure.

The second mode is generated by data analysis. In terms of technology, this is the most innovative part of the project. This mode refers to the computer management of systems related to infrastructure and the environment, the huge amounts of data collected by sensors in real time, the formation of a new information space called - BigData. "One person" functions through program code that collects, analyzes and visualizes information related to the city, its dynamics, the quality of the environment, etc. Visualizing and interpreting this information as artistic material is the "electronic substance" from which it is built One person.

The two modes for generating screen content work synchronously in creating a homogeneous visual environment.

The installation "One Person" apply to the category of process-oriented art, in which the ways of interaction with the work are a composite and meaningful element. Through its functionality, the work is separated from the author's control and is a flexible structure that depends on human behaviour and changes in the environment. The place where the work is located requires such an approach. Advanced technologies allow to build systems with open access, with a liberal rather than authoritarian way of functioning. The object built on this principle would be a good reflection of the public image at the moment.

The figure that dominates the public space is not a specific historical figure, but a collection of a constantly updated set of passers-by or deliberate visitors. The interactive element leads to the possibility of game relationships, but could lead to sharp social messages.

We have to follow the growth of One Person, to see its conclusions from the great equation of the city and its people.

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