Author of "One Person" Venelin Shurelov

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Venelin Shurelov graduated in Scenography at the National Academy of Arts. He is a co-founder and lecturer in the Master's program "Digital Arts", co-founder, part of the curatorial team and technical organizer of DA Fest - International Festival of Digital Art, co-founder of DA LAB Foundation, SubHuman Theatre and art group Via Pontica.

Venelin Shurelov is the author of various interactive installations and performances, some of which are "Drawing Machine" (2005), "Fantomat" (2008), "Orthoman" (2009) "Tabula Rasa" (2010), "Peripatetic" (2018), "Rotor" (2016) - presented at Ars Electronics Center, Linz. In 2011 he realized the cyber lecture "Man Ex Machina", and in 2016 realize a performance installation "Post-Everything", as a guest lecturer at Towson University, USA.

His projects are multifaceted and include paintings, interactive installations and performance, digital technologies, video and art theory. He has a number of stage design projects, individual and group exhibitions and participations in numerous festivals in Bulgaria, Europe and the United States. Awarded many times for his work in theater and contemporary art.

He lives and works in Sofia.; 

One Person Creative team and Realisation:

Venelin Shurelov - idea and organization

Simeon Yanchev (robotev team) - electronics, programming

Antoni Rayzhekov - consultant of generative visualizations

Arch. Desislava Stoyanova - architect

Eng. Alexander Mishev - construction

Petya Chalakova - project assistant

Victoria Kostova, Hristina Popova - content moderators

Mario Stoynov - technical assistant

KIK Metal - metal construction

Stefan N. Shterev - photo and video documentation

ESOF - video streaming and website

With the special support of Dr. Jordán Bocskov

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