Invitation to create texts related to the electronic installation "One Person" by Venelin Shurelov / DA Lab Foundation

Send us texts that are critically substantiated, present a different point of view, give references to existing practices, create a mood for understanding, research impartially. We are looking for authors who want to share their opinion succinctly or verbosely in the context of "One Person". Texts can be theoretical, poetic, critical, educational, lifestyle, comments, manifestos and more. in the following directions:

Art in a public environment, social intervention, authoritarianism and democracy, free access, misinformation, video surveillance, Big Data, machine self-learning, artificial intelligence, addictive machines, urbanism, data visualization, error aesthetics, ethical and responsible technology, generative systems, visual programming, screen arts, hacktivism and others.

Critical Platform: One Person - One Opinion aims to form a broad platform for discussion that will be publicly available and disseminated in various print and online media.

We are looking for content that will be inscribed in the collective memory of / for "One Person". Shared opinions, stories, theories, debates are an additional (social) algorithm in his electronic identity and an element of his and our upbringing. This is a process of "building a tribune", where stories about our fears, denial, expectations and panic will end up, but also our knowledge, enthusiasm and amazement.

We have yet to follow the growth of "One Person", to observe his conclusions from the great equation of the city and its people. Be part of this process!

Send your copyrighted texts to

One Person’s team.


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